Saturday, December 7, 2013


Assalamualikum all! today, lets talk HORSES!!! a horse is a horse, of course! anyway, lets start with the main post. Main Description horses are equids, meaning odd-toed-ungulets. zebra's and donkeys come from the same family too! Horses, in early years, where the main form of transportation as they can gallop up to 80/km per hour! also, they used horses for battle to. Actually, a warman would ride the horse and have it charge the other teams side and then the horse would stop and they would start fighting, usually it was the time when their were no guns and unlike today, they used swords. but for a horse to fight in war, they had to train them specially for that. Really, I don't know how to train a horse for war as I haven't done it or saw how they do it so.. Breeds Of Horses A horse comes in many diff breeds, but the main come in three types. Cold Blooded Horses Description for this type: has a lot of strength and stamina but not much speed. very docile in personality, not aggresive or high strunk like many hot bloods. also can survive cold temperatures. Breeds: Friesan - short coat hair, has hair on hooves, long mane and tail. there is only one color, black, a white freisan is not a friesan. gypsy vanner - long coat hair, quite fluffy, has long hair on hooves, hooves are nearly invisible due to hair, long mane and tail. very sweet and friendly, tall to, good for children's horse riding classes. main colors are black and white pied, and rarely pure black and pure white, also golden and white is possible though very rare. Shire Horse - native to england. Hot Blooded Horses description for this type: has a lot of speed unlike Cold bloods but have strength but not as affeciant in weight pulling as cold bloods, very much spirited and very nice personality. Breeds: Arabian - very much speedy, docile and calm, common race horses. thouroughbred - like general hot bloods but is a cross of many breeds, and is a man-made breed. Warm Blooded Horses Description for this type: is basically a cross of Hot blood and Cold blood, it's speed is less then hot blood but more then cold bloods, their strength and stamina is less then cold blood but more then hot blood. is just a mix of cold and hot blood. Breeds: Appaloosa - spotted, many diff colors, for more detailed info visit here Camarillo White Horse - is a white horse, for more details visit this Lippizaner - is a show horse basically, calm. for more details visit this link Hope you learned from this post!! wassalam.


As Salam O Alaikum!

today i will tell you all about volcanoes!
let's see, should we start with the fun experiment, or the main post? maybe the post first!

ok, so you probably must have heard of the word "volcano"! if you haven't, i will tell you! so, volcanoes are plain old mountains, but they are a specific type of mountains. now, i hope you know that the earth is made up of 3 layers. the core, or center of the earth, is also in two parts. the inner core is mostly made of liquids. the outer core is solid metal. then we have the mantel. that is made of hot melted rocks. then we have the crust, which is the layer we r on right now! Volcanoes are openings in the earth's crust, and when they erupt, mantel flows out of them, and when it gets solid, it is a new rock! because the mantel is liquid rock, when it cools and becomes solid, it is normal, solid rock! A volcano, in Hawaii, blow most of it's top of when it erupted in 2009!

Now for the experiment:

Take any drink bottle(500ml is recommended), and bury it(half the way) in the ground. now, in a mixing bowl(get an adult to help), put red coloring, and vinegar, and empty it in the bottle(the bottle should fill halfway), then add a teaspoon of baking soda in the bottle, and see the "eruption"!! finally, HAVE FUN!

Was Salaam
Ibne Muhammad

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Experiment of the day #1


As Salam O Alaikum everyone!

hope you well

I have begin this new series of posts everyday to give the young ones out there a change, and for them to learn things by experimenting!


let’s begin:



a 500ml plastic bottle


red food coloring


to make it look more realistic, first burry the bottle half way in the soil and then follow the instructions below


what to do:

fill the 500ml bottle with water, add some food coloring (the water should become red in color), and screw the cap onto the bottle. (be careful to do the next part in a sink, or outside in your yard). now press the bottle, with the cap screwed on, press tight and tight. whilst pressing, unscrew the cap! you will see what happens!


what we learn:

what was this experiment about? if you guessed volcanoes, you are correct! if you want to learn more about volcanoes, check back soon for a post about volcanoes!



Saturday, October 27, 2012

Facts That Make You Cow Mad

Assalamualikum all of you!!

Today, I am going to tell you all about cows

Cows are grazing animals or animals who keep on grazing all day long. they come in the category of cattle. Allah has created cows for people. ALLAH created cows to graze all day long and make meat and energy for humans. They graze all day, make energy and meat, and then when ever humans need, they can cut the animal and eat it.


This is a image of a cow grazing above.

As u can see the cow is constantly munching on the grass and can you see how fat the cow is MASHAA ALLAH filled with meat!!!!!!

Okay now here I am putting a image of cows standing together and grazing:


So now you people have gotten a idea that cows keep on grazing all day

Now I will give a bit more intro on cows themselves.

Cows are mammals, that means that they have fur, and feed their young on milk produced by the mothers body. cows come in the same family as horses, sheep, and goat. The family name is equids, or odd toed ungulates.

Now, cows are made to graze for humans as I said before. Now, we need to know something very important!! Cows do not give eggs!!!! Imagine how will a cow look laying eggs!!! They give birth to live babies who are fed with milk produced by the mothers body. But you will need to put a female cow with a male cow in order to get babies. They don’t just give babies like that.

Here is a picture of a calf or baby cow:


This is a baby cow sitting.

As you can also see in the above image that the baby is sitting in a full grassy area. So cows are also more comfortable in grass then any other surface and the luck is that when u keep them in grass, then u don’t need to worry on their food and comfort because they are already comfortable in grass and they can also eat the grass both by you just doing one simple thing!! You take a big field full with grass, and let your cows open in that field and they can live happy!!!! But you will just have to make sure that you have put water for the cows in the fields so they can drink water. But don't forget that at the night, put are cow in a stable or shut area where no rain can come or else your cow can become sick. And when the grass is finished and they have just ate all of it up, u just need to change their filed!!! quite simple right??? And if u leave it in that same field of grass, where there is no grass, your cow will die because it won’t have any grass to eat at all. And if they never die, they will get sick.

Hope you learned something new from this post!!

If you ever got a chance to keep a pet cow, will you chose an adult or a baby?


Monday, October 8, 2012

AVG Anti-virus Program

As Salam o alaikum everyone out there!

Do you all know what are computer viruses? Just like how a biological virus can make you sick, a computer virus can make your computer sick. (your computer won’t be coughing or sneezing, but it can make your computer slow, or total system failure)!! There are many types of computer viruses-in-fact nowadays there are even cellphone viruses! To learn more about cellphones, check back for our COMING SOON post about cellphones! But there are many ways to prevent your computer from a virus! Never open e-mails from an unknown sender, delete them right away! Or you can install anti-virus programs. you might have heard of a few of them! These include MacAfee, AVG anti-virus, etc… We are going to focus on AVG anti-virus program! Here’s a screenshot of the AVG gadget that is installed on your computer with the anti-virus software:



The sidebar varies from version to version- this sidebar above is of AVG anti-virus free edition 2012. 

The main page screenshot is below:



The advertisement below ( avg_advertisement ) is of the AVG products. Whether you paid for your AVG or no, it will give you advertisements. The anti-virus prevents a virus from coming into your computer. The linkscanner scans hyperlinks and makes sure the website you are trying to go to is safe. The e-mail protection scans e-mails and doesn't allow unsafe mails to enter your inbox. The anti-rootkit prevents your computer from rootkits(tiny programs that often sneak up into your computer and messes around with you)(you need a strong anti-rootkit and watch the fight happening)!!! The PC analyser analyses your PC for issues such as detecting what problems are causing your PC to be too slow, how many junk files are storing up your hard drive(junk food for the computer, meaning McDonalds for humans)!! Smile The identity protection protects your identity and doesn't allow other people to figure out your identity. They are other actions as well, such as AVG do not track. That is a tool that blocks some websites to protect your privacy. To find out more about AVG to not track, click here. There is also AVG PC tune-up, and it improves your computer performance. but you need to purchase a 1 year or 2 year license.

Hope i thought you all something new!!!


Ibne Muhammad

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Windows Live Messenger

Assalam o alaikum everyone!! Do you all know what instant messaging is? Instant messaging is sending messages to people through a instant messaging client. Unlike e-mail, instant messaging is more like a phone call rather then writing a letter. And unlike e-mail, you can only send instant messages to people who use the same client. To learn more about e-mail, check back for our COMING SOON post about e-mail! Do you know what an instant messaging client is? Well you might have heard of a few of them! These include: WhatsApp, Windows Live Messenger, Ebuddy messenger, Yahoo! messenger etc… but how do they work? Let’s see. for example sign in to my instant messenger client. A server logs on to check if any of your contacts are online. then the server exchanges addresses letting them know that you’re on, and letting you know that they’re on. This process only takes seconds! (depends on your internet connection speed). The messenger service that I use is Windows Live Messenger. we are going to focus on Windows Live Messenger. Here’s a screenshot of Windows Live Messenger below:



Windows Live Messenger is a instant messaging client from Microsoft. many people use Windows Live Messenger. But in order to use Windows Live Messenger, you need a Windows Live Hotmail account (Microsoft Account and Windows Live Hotmail account are the same thing). It also notifies you about how many unread mails you have in tour e-mail inbox(your Hotmail account). You can also connect with Messenger your Facebook, LinkedIn etc… You can connect more services also. As you can see the screenshot, I have put some text to help you understand a bit more about Windows Live Messenger. The status(personal message) is a bit info about yourself. Many people put their website link or their company info to advertise. The favorite contacts are your favorites, and they always appear at the top of your screen, so you can get access to them quickly. Above the “favorite contacts” box, can you see the icon with a person made and a “plus” sign next to him( ivite_windows_live_messenger) that opens a menu of adding a person(adding a favorite, inviting a contact etc…). (Please note, the person you are inviting should have a Windows Live Hotmail account). You can also create a group(Example: family, and all of your family members are in that). Below the groups will be your online contacts. All of your online contacts will be there. Below the online contacts are your offline contacts. All of your contacts that are offline will appear there. Finally, the advertisement ( msn_advertisement) is of the MSN network by Microsoft.


Hope I thought you all something new!!


Ibne Muhammad

Friday, September 28, 2012

Awesome Time!

Assalamualaikum everyone out there!


have you ever imagined a life without time? try to imagine a life without time! your life would be non-organized! without time you wouldn’t know when is school time, when is break time, when is lunch time, etc… so people then discovered time. time is originally caused by the motion of the sun. for example: when the sun is at the center, it is the area between: 12:00 and 14:00. now you can calculate the time in any position of the sun. but the question is: how to measure time??? we will go into the background stories. first people used sundials to tell time. to find out more about all of the types of clocks, and how they used to work, click here. in this link you will find about all of the types of clocks from history till 1999. then after all of the watches that are in here, quartz watches were introduced. in fact, quartz watches are the most common watches in the whole world nowadays! chances are, in your home, you have a quartz watch! but time is being more convenient! nowadays, people have wristwatches, or even a clock in their mobile phones! to learn more about mobile phones, check back for our COMING SOON post about mobile phones!

hope I thought you all something new!!


Ibne Muhammad