Sunday, September 30, 2012

Windows Live Messenger

Assalam o alaikum everyone!! Do you all know what instant messaging is? Instant messaging is sending messages to people through a instant messaging client. Unlike e-mail, instant messaging is more like a phone call rather then writing a letter. And unlike e-mail, you can only send instant messages to people who use the same client. To learn more about e-mail, check back for our COMING SOON post about e-mail! Do you know what an instant messaging client is? Well you might have heard of a few of them! These include: WhatsApp, Windows Live Messenger, Ebuddy messenger, Yahoo! messenger etc… but how do they work? Let’s see. for example sign in to my instant messenger client. A server logs on to check if any of your contacts are online. then the server exchanges addresses letting them know that you’re on, and letting you know that they’re on. This process only takes seconds! (depends on your internet connection speed). The messenger service that I use is Windows Live Messenger. we are going to focus on Windows Live Messenger. Here’s a screenshot of Windows Live Messenger below:



Windows Live Messenger is a instant messaging client from Microsoft. many people use Windows Live Messenger. But in order to use Windows Live Messenger, you need a Windows Live Hotmail account (Microsoft Account and Windows Live Hotmail account are the same thing). It also notifies you about how many unread mails you have in tour e-mail inbox(your Hotmail account). You can also connect with Messenger your Facebook, LinkedIn etc… You can connect more services also. As you can see the screenshot, I have put some text to help you understand a bit more about Windows Live Messenger. The status(personal message) is a bit info about yourself. Many people put their website link or their company info to advertise. The favorite contacts are your favorites, and they always appear at the top of your screen, so you can get access to them quickly. Above the “favorite contacts” box, can you see the icon with a person made and a “plus” sign next to him( ivite_windows_live_messenger) that opens a menu of adding a person(adding a favorite, inviting a contact etc…). (Please note, the person you are inviting should have a Windows Live Hotmail account). You can also create a group(Example: family, and all of your family members are in that). Below the groups will be your online contacts. All of your online contacts will be there. Below the online contacts are your offline contacts. All of your contacts that are offline will appear there. Finally, the advertisement ( msn_advertisement) is of the MSN network by Microsoft.


Hope I thought you all something new!!


Ibne Muhammad

Friday, September 28, 2012

Awesome Time!

Assalamualaikum everyone out there!


have you ever imagined a life without time? try to imagine a life without time! your life would be non-organized! without time you wouldn’t know when is school time, when is break time, when is lunch time, etc… so people then discovered time. time is originally caused by the motion of the sun. for example: when the sun is at the center, it is the area between: 12:00 and 14:00. now you can calculate the time in any position of the sun. but the question is: how to measure time??? we will go into the background stories. first people used sundials to tell time. to find out more about all of the types of clocks, and how they used to work, click here. in this link you will find about all of the types of clocks from history till 1999. then after all of the watches that are in here, quartz watches were introduced. in fact, quartz watches are the most common watches in the whole world nowadays! chances are, in your home, you have a quartz watch! but time is being more convenient! nowadays, people have wristwatches, or even a clock in their mobile phones! to learn more about mobile phones, check back for our COMING SOON post about mobile phones!

hope I thought you all something new!!


Ibne Muhammad