Sunday, January 20, 2013

Experiment of the day #1


As Salam O Alaikum everyone!

hope you well

I have begin this new series of posts everyday to give the young ones out there a change, and for them to learn things by experimenting!


let’s begin:



a 500ml plastic bottle


red food coloring


to make it look more realistic, first burry the bottle half way in the soil and then follow the instructions below


what to do:

fill the 500ml bottle with water, add some food coloring (the water should become red in color), and screw the cap onto the bottle. (be careful to do the next part in a sink, or outside in your yard). now press the bottle, with the cap screwed on, press tight and tight. whilst pressing, unscrew the cap! you will see what happens!


what we learn:

what was this experiment about? if you guessed volcanoes, you are correct! if you want to learn more about volcanoes, check back soon for a post about volcanoes!