Saturday, December 7, 2013


Assalamualikum all! today, lets talk HORSES!!! a horse is a horse, of course! anyway, lets start with the main post. Main Description horses are equids, meaning odd-toed-ungulets. zebra's and donkeys come from the same family too! Horses, in early years, where the main form of transportation as they can gallop up to 80/km per hour! also, they used horses for battle to. Actually, a warman would ride the horse and have it charge the other teams side and then the horse would stop and they would start fighting, usually it was the time when their were no guns and unlike today, they used swords. but for a horse to fight in war, they had to train them specially for that. Really, I don't know how to train a horse for war as I haven't done it or saw how they do it so.. Breeds Of Horses A horse comes in many diff breeds, but the main come in three types. Cold Blooded Horses Description for this type: has a lot of strength and stamina but not much speed. very docile in personality, not aggresive or high strunk like many hot bloods. also can survive cold temperatures. Breeds: Friesan - short coat hair, has hair on hooves, long mane and tail. there is only one color, black, a white freisan is not a friesan. gypsy vanner - long coat hair, quite fluffy, has long hair on hooves, hooves are nearly invisible due to hair, long mane and tail. very sweet and friendly, tall to, good for children's horse riding classes. main colors are black and white pied, and rarely pure black and pure white, also golden and white is possible though very rare. Shire Horse - native to england. Hot Blooded Horses description for this type: has a lot of speed unlike Cold bloods but have strength but not as affeciant in weight pulling as cold bloods, very much spirited and very nice personality. Breeds: Arabian - very much speedy, docile and calm, common race horses. thouroughbred - like general hot bloods but is a cross of many breeds, and is a man-made breed. Warm Blooded Horses Description for this type: is basically a cross of Hot blood and Cold blood, it's speed is less then hot blood but more then cold bloods, their strength and stamina is less then cold blood but more then hot blood. is just a mix of cold and hot blood. Breeds: Appaloosa - spotted, many diff colors, for more detailed info visit here Camarillo White Horse - is a white horse, for more details visit this Lippizaner - is a show horse basically, calm. for more details visit this link Hope you learned from this post!! wassalam.

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