Saturday, October 27, 2012

Facts That Make You Cow Mad

Assalamualikum all of you!!

Today, I am going to tell you all about cows

Cows are grazing animals or animals who keep on grazing all day long. they come in the category of cattle. Allah has created cows for people. ALLAH created cows to graze all day long and make meat and energy for humans. They graze all day, make energy and meat, and then when ever humans need, they can cut the animal and eat it.


This is a image of a cow grazing above.

As u can see the cow is constantly munching on the grass and can you see how fat the cow is MASHAA ALLAH filled with meat!!!!!!

Okay now here I am putting a image of cows standing together and grazing:


So now you people have gotten a idea that cows keep on grazing all day

Now I will give a bit more intro on cows themselves.

Cows are mammals, that means that they have fur, and feed their young on milk produced by the mothers body. cows come in the same family as horses, sheep, and goat. The family name is equids, or odd toed ungulates.

Now, cows are made to graze for humans as I said before. Now, we need to know something very important!! Cows do not give eggs!!!! Imagine how will a cow look laying eggs!!! They give birth to live babies who are fed with milk produced by the mothers body. But you will need to put a female cow with a male cow in order to get babies. They don’t just give babies like that.

Here is a picture of a calf or baby cow:


This is a baby cow sitting.

As you can also see in the above image that the baby is sitting in a full grassy area. So cows are also more comfortable in grass then any other surface and the luck is that when u keep them in grass, then u don’t need to worry on their food and comfort because they are already comfortable in grass and they can also eat the grass both by you just doing one simple thing!! You take a big field full with grass, and let your cows open in that field and they can live happy!!!! But you will just have to make sure that you have put water for the cows in the fields so they can drink water. But don't forget that at the night, put are cow in a stable or shut area where no rain can come or else your cow can become sick. And when the grass is finished and they have just ate all of it up, u just need to change their filed!!! quite simple right??? And if u leave it in that same field of grass, where there is no grass, your cow will die because it won’t have any grass to eat at all. And if they never die, they will get sick.

Hope you learned something new from this post!!

If you ever got a chance to keep a pet cow, will you chose an adult or a baby?


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